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Greetings from Vernal, Utah, USA
We opened our Custom Boot Shop January 1, 1975! We were young and passionate (and we thought that we knew it all)! Randy was the aspiring Bootmaker, and Lou Ann was the cheerleader—and in time became incredibly adept on an industrial sewing machine—we have worked side by side for many years.

We started with the goal of “making happy feet”! That is still our goal, but how we accomplish the goal has evolved—a rather convoluted evolution.

This site is a chronicle of “our story.” And, our story is very atypical—even atypical for Custom Bootmakers, of whom there are very few. We have chosen our own path, and we have been walking it for 40 years. Some would judge that we have not been particularly successful. (We’re not downtown-big-city USA. We don’t have multiple locations, nor dozens of employees.) But in our reality we live with incredible abundance. We live where and how we choose. And, for us, it has worked. I am one of those few incredibly blessed individuals that actually, day by day, looks forward to “going to work.” I have fun doing what I do!

Hopefully you will find something interesting or useful to you here. Hopefully you will feel of the passion that we bring to our craft.

Something that we have found to be interesting is: we have observed that the kinds of jobs that an individual is particularly skilled at, or about which he is passionate, will find their way to his door.

If you find that what we do may be of service to you, we will look forward to getting to know you.


Randal I. Merrell  C. Ped, Master Bootmaker, OST
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