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We are easy—just pick up the phone and call. You will either get Lou Ann who is the office manager and has been a full partner in all this for 40 years, or Randy. Yes, I believe in answering my own phone, or the voice mail. As I mentioned–after West Nile Virus we are not nearly as committed to being here every day. We vacation and play more than we used to. So, you may very well catch us away. We could hire an answering service, but you would want to talk with one of us anyway. So if we don’t answer in person leave a message, and we will get with you when we can. After I got ill, I seriously considered retiring, but I have too much fun doing what I do. I just have to take it at a pace that I can maintain. Seldom do I make appointments for more than 90 days out.

We are located in Vernal, Utah, 435.789.3079, or I have a Salt Lake City number: 801.208.8977

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