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3 ::  M. Hennigan
A logger, Mike lives on an island a 1000 miles north of Vancouver B.C. Canada. Several years ago, he had an accident as he was falling a large tree resulting in significant injuries. His left femur was fractured and he lost a significant part of his quadricep. Although his knee was not damaged, his left tibia was fractured, and he had lost much of the calf muscle. Fortunately, his ankle and foot were not injured. The surgeons did a marvelous job reassembling his leg but as he healed, the posterior compartment of his left leg contracted: his heel could no longer reach the ground.

Prior to the accident, Mike had excessive bilateral pronation. Because he was young, active, and healthy, he got along just fine. Following the accident, with his leg being compensated, this became an issue. With the contracture on the left, he, functionally, has a short right leg by more than an inch.

All in all Mike's feet hurt, he had knee pain, and his hips hurt. Previously work had been a joy-now it was miserable.

From her home in Southern California, Mike's mother launched a telephone campaign to find someone to help him out; her search brought her to me.

When she made his appointment she told me just to "fix him up" and send her the bill. Though skeptical, Mike kept his appointment.
During his first visit he stayed three days while I made orthotics and boots that were carefully tuned to the exact heel height so that he finally had left heel strike and which resolved the leg length discrepancy.

Once again Mike had a normal gait. When he first put the boots on he was just like a kid on Christmas morning-he beamed.

Since making that first pair of packer boots, I have made a pair of calked (spiked) logging boots, slip-on mules, elastic-sided Australian stockman's boots (or high heeled Romeo's) and a couple more pairs of packers. Needless to say, Mike is no longer skeptical.
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