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As mentioned in a couple of places in this site, I served in Brazil (the states of Sao Paulo and Parana) as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) from the fall of 1969 through the fall of 1971. One of the great adventures of my life! I still speak Portuguese, although not nearly as fluently as I did back in the day!

Anyway, I have a tender place in my heart for your work. I believe in it. I believe that this is the real answer for what ails our world. And I am not only speaking to Mormons, but to any Christian missionaries, young and old.

Attention Prospective Missionaries
Feet are often a real issue for missionaries as they typically walk a lot. For young missionaries this can be a particular challenge because they may not have been as active as they will be as a missionary, and their feet may rebel. I can’t speak of other denominations, but in the LDS Church missionaries feet are, in fact, a real problem with something more than 80,000 missionaries serving worldwide.

It seems that every year I get a few young men that have come home early, not having completed their missions because their feet have let them down.

Know that I will help, as I can, to facilitate getting your feet up to speed. Every businessman has his passion—those things to which he gives preference. This is mine. I simply ask that you get with me three or so months before you plan to head out so that I have time to do that which may be needed.

A few weeks ago I had a young man come in that had served two years in Argentina and his feet had given him major pain. Many of the other missionaries he had worked with had suffered with foot pain as well. About 90 days before he was due to return home, he e-mailed his father and asked that he make an appointment to see me just as soon as possible after he returned home. He was in my office the very day after he got home; he had suffered long enough! This lad knew of my work; my son had been his BSA Venturer Advisor. He had actually been in my lab a few times, he knew somewhat of my work, but he thought that he was good to go...

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