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In the last decade, my original Merrell custom hikers have logged hundreds of remote miles with heavy packs, summitted more than 30 peaks between 10,000 and 14,000+ in the US, been used with crampons on top of the Matterhorn, done Mr. Blanc in a day, and worn out two soles day hiking. Sure they last and don't weigh me down, but what's important is their perfect fit and comfort. My Merrell custom telemark boots are the same way. Now I've also got Randy's custom Western boots, which are probably my favorites of all. They're works of art with the fit and feel I've come to count of year after year.
M.R. Anderson
Austin, TX

I just wanted to let you know how amazed my family was when they saw me walk with my orthotics and the shoes that you altered for me. My dad said, "you don't have a jig anymore!" My husband, Kevin, said I stand straighter and walk with more confidence. I am so glad I met you and thankful for how much your skills have positively impacted my life!

Factory shoes never fit right, so out of desperation I started to look for custom boot makers. At great expense, all I found were people who only wanted to make me a pair of boots which replicated factory shoe results. One custom boot maker in particular, made three attempts to make a pair of boots that would fit my feet with no success. It was not until I met Randy, that I found someone who wanted to explore why factory shoes did not fit and why my feet hurt at the end of the day. Upon walking into Randy’s office in Vernal Utah, I knew my problem was solved. For 2 ˝ hrs Randy listened intently to my stories about my feet, asked many questions, measured my feet from every aspect possible, and made impressions as well. He then proceeded to explain, biomechanically, why I had so much trouble with factory shoes. He then requested that my wife and I go to lunch so he could work. Upon our return a couple hours later, Randy had completed a pair of custom orthotics that he fit into the shoes that I was wearing — that now felt as though they had been designed and tailor made for my feet. At this point I made the decision to go ahead with the custom hiking boots that I had traveled to Utah for, as hiking and hunting are what I love to do (that had seriously been impared.) Randy selected a pair of lasts for my feet, which he then proceeded to modify to meet the irregularities of my feet. Within an hour he had made a pair of plastic “trial shoes” to test the fit of the lasts on my feet. (They fit perfectly.) Randy gave us the option of pulling a stool up to the bench and watching him craft the boots—or to visit the sites in the area—we chose the latter as I did not want our presence to rush or distract him. Before we left his office he extended an offer to use any of his hiking equipment and offered a few places to visit. We returned a day and a half later to find a pair of boots and orthotics that fit my feet perfectly. Thanks to Randy, I am back on the trails with SHOES THAT FIT, and WITHOUT PAIN.”
B.J. Oliver
Gilroy, CA

I have been backpacking on and off since 1982. I have somewhat oddly shaped feet, and I have to wear orthotics. This combination has made it impossible to find off the shelf boots that fit. Even the briefest trips resulted in blisters. And on anything longer than a few days I would come back with both heels completely raw. Randy made custom, full length orthotics, then made custom boots around those. I now get blisters less often than most of my companions, and I spend a great deal more time backpacking than I could before.
Anchorage, AK

Dear Randy:
Got the boots today. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! They are wonderful and they fit nicely. The craftsmanship is impecable. Everyone in the office was real jealous and impressed. I am totally happy and can't wait to go do some "shitkickin," I mean some two-steppin' in them. Thank you so much. This has been something I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm pleased, thrilled, and tickled all at once. Thank you again,

Dear Randy,
Just a quick note to let you know that I am doing a lot better. I can walk most of the time without pain, and have a lot more endurance. I went to WalMart with Susan last week and she even remarked about how much faster I was walking. Seems like my formerly frequent bouts with low back pain and subsequent trips to the chiropractor are not happening, too. My oldest daughter took me to St. Louis for a few days to visit my half-brother and eight cousins. I hadn't seen any of them for 18 years, and some of them I hadn't seen for 40 years. It was a glorious time. And you should have seen me cruise through those airports! There was a time when I didn't think that would ever be possible for me again. So, I'm saying a heartfelt Thank You-your work has transformed my life.
Roosevelt, UT
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