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Our business is interesting because we get such a wide spectrum of clients/patients. Some of our people have extreme fit issues. Some have congenital issues or are the victims of trauma resulting in feet with special needs. Many have moderate structural issues undetectable to the untrained eye, which result in pain or dysfunction. Some just want a very fine pair of boots.

Our evolution has been gradual, but the culmination is profound. What started as a "custom boot shop" has become a very narrow specialty: helping people whose feet have become or are becoming a limitation in the lives.
The Vision
In my quest to make feet happy, I experienced frustration early on. I just wanted to make good boots, but people kept bringing me problems. It finally occurred to me that they truly needed someone to help them with these problems. I experienced what is called a "paradigm shift". In an instant I no longer saw myself as a bootmaker, but rather a problem solver for feet and footwear problems. I'm a good problem solver; I learned to do that years ago on the ranch -- now I do it in a foot lab.

How I now obtain my goal of making feet happy has evolved. An integral part of our work is to create a workable interface between your feet and the ground in such a way as to alleviate pain and dysfunction. This is a similar concept to using prescription eyeglasses to correct faulty vision. Usually this interface is accomplished with custom orthotics placed in your shoes, at times we make alterations to off-the-shelf footwear, and sometimes we make custom boots to fill your needs.
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